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Matthew Fogarty, MA, SEP, HMIP

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Somatic Experiencing ™


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Counseling for Adults and Youth

The counseling profession differs from the medical model of health in that it follows a wellness model. The medical model focuses on diagnosis of an illness and working to get back to the same level of functioning experienced before the problem. In our counseling work, we will consider that every person is on a spectrum of wellness and there is always the potential to reduce aspects of suffering and enjoy better, more fulfilled living. Each person’s path is utterly unique, so our work together will be focused on paying attention to what greater wellness looks like for you.

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Somatic Therapy Orientation

Somatic Therapy considers that the body and the mind are connected, and including the body in our work can be exceptionally helpful. Using a Somatic Experiencing™ approach to working with the bodily systems, we will work to move through fixed mental, physical, and emotional patterns. Using Mindfulness, we will explore ways to redirect these patterns and work with their root causes. HeartMath™ biofeedback will help to provide insight on how the body and mind are related, as well as provide practical wellness tools.

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Nature as a Container and Guide

Our work together will be more than just two people in a room. Regardless of whether appointments are indoors or outdoors, we will offer attention to the role that the greater, living world plays in our journey. The relationship with the natural world contains wisdom and therapeutic value that is always accessible and always available for further cultivation. In all weather and every season, clients will have an option to walk forest paths, sit by the creek, meander the field, or sit by the fire in a sheltered space.


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