Our work will either be outside or in the office, depending on what works best for you. Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring an extra layer and a water bottle or tea. Click here for a blog post about Weather and Darkness.



I do use email as a primary means of communication for scheduling and general questions or updates. I will not engage in direct counseling over email, and will ask that we schedule a session or a phone call in such cases. I ask that, for best use of our time, emails be pithy and get to the heart of the matter. Some elders call this "choosing your best words." For something that will take time to communicate and can wait, please write it down and bring it to our next session. This will help that thought to season and take clear shape. If our work involves detailed or lengthy emails, I will ask you to agree to paying the full counseling rate for our time. I will be honest and precise with such billing. In such cases, I read the email once (“on the clock”), then typically sit with it for a day or two (“off the clock”), then respond (“on the clock”).

Please know that, while I do my best to maintain confidentiality, email is not a fully secure means of communication. For highly sensitive material, we will find other ways of communicating.


As a counselor, it is part of my work to make myself available to any client if there is a deep need. If you are in crisis, call 911. In case of a mental health crisis you may call the Care Crisis Line for Whatcom County at (800) 584 3578. Domestic violence support in Whatcom County is available via DVSAS, (877) 715 1563. Emergency housing for youth age 13-17 may be arranged via NWYS 24 Hour PAD Hotline, (360) 393 0116.

If you are in a deep need to talk to me, you can try my phone anytime [(202) 810-5360]. I do not, however, always have it on or on me. So, please know that I am a clear ally, but cannot be your only resource in a time of need. Otherwise, I prefer talking in person. If our sessions go well, it means that there will be new tools at your disposal for you to apply when confronted with challenging circumstances or familiar patterns. If we do have phone conversations that turn into session work, I will ask you to pay the full counseling rate for our time.

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Texting comes through my email, so it may be slow arriving to me.


I currently prefer to figure out schedules via email. If you do cancel an appointment, I ask for 24 hours notice. You will be charged the full session rate for any cancellation in under 24 hours notice, barring an extreme circumstance.


My current counseling rate for individuals is $95 per 55 minute session. I offer everyone a needs-based sliding scale of $60-$95 per 55 minute session. Please see the appointments page on the website for more details. I ask for payment at the end of each session. We can work out a payment plan or other arrangements if necessary.

You have a few option for payment. You may give cash or a check to me directly.  Checks can be made payable to Matthew Fogarty. Please see the Payment Options page on the website for paying via credit or debit card.  Thank you.

I do not take insurance.

I have a limited number of sliding scale appointments available upon request.



Finally, as required by Washington State law and good ethics in general both require that you read a fill out a disclosure statement. This statement will include important information for you as a counseling client. Within the disclosure document is a short intake form. This is the beginning of our work. Please fill this out and use the best practice of being pithy and “choosing your best words.” How can you get to the heart of the matter when answering these questions? You may consider some information tangential to your goal. However, we are starting with a look at the big picture, the full person. This will help identify patterns and connections in different areas of your life. Of course, if there is anything that you simply do not want to answer, you may say so in the form.




As we work together, I'll send resources your way. The resources are meant to help with your journey, however, what brings about the deepest change is direct experience. Culturally, we have access to all the theory we could ever want. Our work will involve actually experiencing and growing new ways of being. If you have further questions about this, please bring it up as we work together.

Thank You and Enjoy the Day!